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On 22 April You Can Enjoy a Meteor Shower With 20 Stars in One hour!

This Weekend is going to be Awesome for every Space Lover, Lyrid meteor shower 2017 is happening on 22 April 2017.


What is a Meteor Shower?

A meteor shower happens when number of meteors flash across the sky at the same point. 

We are very lucky to witness this awesome Meteor Shower which is going to happen on 21 & 22 April throughout the World. We can Even See this Shower with Naked Eyes but to deeply enjoy it, you need a small telescope. 

This Shower occurs almost every year but conditions are ideal for this year. You can Enjoy 20 Shooting Stars every hour on it’s Peak ( one Star in every three Minutes) 

When and where to watch?

As we have told this will happen from April 21 to 22 April. It will happen day and night but you can see it only in night. Time only depends on your location and country. Peak hours are on the Night of 22th April. 

There is almost zero Possibility of any meteor or star to touch ground. So there is No danger.

It is the Second biggest meteor shower of earth.


Enjoy it!! Stay Safe!!

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