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The Man Who Came from Parallel Universe but Mysteriously Disappeared

It is one the biggest Mind boggling story of the 20th century. A man who came from parallel Universe and mysteriously disappeared.

What is a Parallel universe?

(According to fantasy or science fiction) A world conceived of as coexisting with and having certain Similarities to the known world but different from it in some fundamental way.

The Story

In 1954, A Strange Man arrived at tokyo airport from country called TAURED. There was No country as “taured” at that time but the man claimed that his country has existed from more than 1000 Years. He was described as Caucasian looking with a small beard & his luggage was in french. The Man knew many languages 


When he handed over the passport to immigration officers, everything looked normal but the country which issued that passport was taured. THE PASSPORT WAS NOT FAKE. 

When police arrived, they took the man away for the interrogation. He tried to make them believe that taured exists. He said it located between spain and france but on our earth it was Andorra. Even his passport was stamped with many different & Real countries. 

He claimed to work for a company and he even had documents to prove but company was amazed to see that documents were all Real but they don’t have any knowledge of his existence. 

Police locked him in a room for a Night to continue their investigation in the Morning. That room had NO WINDOWS, NO BALCONY. Even some Police officers were standing the whole night outside the room. The MAN DID NOT ESCAPED. 


Next Day when police opened the room they saw that man was not there. He just Vanished from there. All of his documents were also gone. This story remained classified for many years.

Researchers and Scientists suggested that the Man was from Parallel Earth or Parallel Universe. 


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