A Mystic Predicts the Exact Day When “World War 3” is Going To Happen

Horacio Villegas, A Man describes himself as  ‘Messenger of God’. He’s a self-proclaimed mystic who predicted Trump’s presidency which was truth and now he claims to have a date for WW3.

In 2015,  Horacio wrote that Trump would be elected and would become the ‘illuminati king’ before ‘bringing the world into WW3.

This Man is Specific. He Predicted that Trump will attack syria. Yes he Predicted and it happened. He added that this attack would see Russia, North Korea and China added into the conflict. which seems to be truth.


According to him World War 3 will happen on May 13. He Said.

The main message that people need to know in order be prepared is that between May 13th and October 13 2017, this war will occur and be over with much devastation, shock and death!

He also Said, Many of the attacks will happen on the basis of fake information.

He claims that the horrific effects of the false flag will take place between April 13 and May 13 and will include Syria and North Korea too. Considering both of those states are in the news at the minute, it sure sounds plausible.

He told to Dailystar

The reason I feel the coming false flag might be during this Holy Week is because just as Christ suffered on a Good Friday at one time, the world is about to enter its Good Friday moment as well and it would fit in God’s timeline as to the start of this dark period in human period in human history that this war would be sparked near Good Friday 2017.


Will World War 3 will happen?? Only time will tell us.

Source- Unilad

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