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These New Bio Sensing Contact Lenses Will Change Human Lives Forever

Scientists at Oregon State University have found a way for creating a New World Changing Bio Contact Lenses.


These lenses are totally Wearable lenses & are capable of Sensing Data of our Body. Woah.. This is unbelievable. A Lense “THAT COULD READ INFORMATION OF HUMAN BODY”. 

These can detect  blood glucose levels, but that could only be useful for a Patient. Don’t Worry, it will Also detect a Normal Person’s blood levels & will help us to maintain our body’s health. It will Detect even a small hike in the Level of Glucose in blood. 

These Lenses will be ultra thin & no one will be able to tell that you are wearing the lens or no just by looking at eyes.

These futuristic contact lenses are still very much in the prototype phase, though the researchers hope to complete animal testing in the coming year. Even though they won’t be hitting pharmacy shelves anytime soon, given that researchers have access to the technology they need to create their noninvasive diagnostic device, the turnaround could be quick in the grand scheme of development, clinical trials, and approval. Beyond just making it available with glucose-detecting capabilities, researchers are optimistic that it will be able to one day be used to monitor other medical conditions, and perhaps even detect cancer.


If this Concept came to life , just imagine how many lives will it save? It will just change the way of humanity forever.

Isn’t the Future is Bright!

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