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Eating Salt is as Bad as Smoking?

We all Knew from the Starting that excessive use of Salt is very bad for our health but what can we do? without the Salt, there is No taste in any food.

A New study have found that Eating Salt is as Bad as Smoking & Sometimes it is even more harmful to health than Smoking. Shocking!!

Table salt is made up of 40 percent of sodium and 60 per cent chloride. The Sodium is very important for our body because it helps in controlling the fluid levels in the body & helps the muscles and nerves to work properly But the recommended daily allowance of Sodium is 6 grams per day and too much of sodium will cause blood pressure problems in the Body. It can even affect your Heart & Kidneys .



Do You Know? There is Salt even in the Ice Cream scoops. Yes, the Same Ice cream which is famous for it’s high content of Sugar have Salt also in it. Even the Hot Chocolate have a Small Amount of Salt in it.

Now the Main Point of this Topic, Yes Studies have found that Using excessive amount of Salt is bad as Smoking. In the Research , Researchers have found that, the effects of Salt on Body is Same as of the Smoking. Even Eating Salt will take Same Years from Your Life as Smoking do.

So Now the Question is How Much Salt can we Consume so that we can be safe???


Same Researchers are Saying to be Safe, You should not use Salt more than a Pinch in a Day. Yes Just a Pinch!!!

Source – Harvard Health

As Always Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!!

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